Chicago Lutheran History: First Immanuel Lutheran Church

The Evangelical-Lutheran Immanuel Congregation

The stream of immigration out of Germany to the west of America, namely to Chicago, became even larger after the year 1848, and soon St. Paul’s congregation had many members living far from the church, who grew in number more and more. Some had a four, five, even more mile trek to church and school. This grievance had to be remedied, and it happened in this way, that on the 19th of March 1854, the evangelical lutheran Immanuel Congregation was organized on the west side. It was only about 10 members, who came together as a congregation trusting in God and right away they bought a plot on 12th street, near Blue Island Ave, and on the same they erected a church building, which also had to serve as a school and parsonage.
The Lutheraner (Issue 11, page 32) wrote about the dedication of this church, as well as about simultaneous introduction of the first pastor of this second Lutheran congregation, Pastor Georg Schick, “We just received the good news, that on the 13th Sunday after Trinity, the 10th of September, they dedicated the new Immanuel Congregation at Chicago and at this opportunity Pastor Georg Schick was solemnly installed at his Immanuel Congregation by his colleagues Pastor Wunder with the assistance of Pastor Brauer under the direction of the District President, Pastor Schieferdeckers. May the Lord also crown the double work of two right-believing preachers of the gospel
with double blessing. With double blessing, too, and they may both be able to speak again and again with the prophets, “Here is Immanuel!” (Isaiah 8:10).

A drawing of the church building from 1888, located on Ashland Boulevard near 12th St.
Georg Schick, first Pastor of First Immanuel. By William Herman Theodore Dau — Ebenezer: Reviews of the Work of the Missouri Synod During Three Quarters of a Century — page 239, Public Domain,
From the Union News Company’s map of Chicago, 1893
From The Lutheran Museum



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James Huenink

James Huenink

A pastor, writer, historian, and photographer who lives in San Diego County, CA.